Clipboards, organizers, stationary packs!!

Spring is here, which means the end of the school year is close… Summer camps are preparing for the all the campers who will arrive for their fun-filled summer.

I know that my girls used to pack what I always referred to as “stuff”. They each had piles of “stuff” that they needed for their month away. Stationary, art supplies, small games, cards, nail polish, hair accessories, and more!!

We would try to come up with cute and fun ways to pack everything and still stay organized. Back then, (and it seems like it was so long ago), we’d end up with many different zip lock bags and slide them into the duffel and backpack.

Today, there are so many options!! Below are a few of the items (with links) that we carry for you!

Painted and personalized Caboodle Cases

Clipboard Cases and Stationary

Art Boxes

Totes and Fanny Packs

Artworks looks forward to helping you prepare your kids for the summer as they create fun memories! Feel free to reach out to us with any questions!!