The birth of a baby is such a special occasion, and one that many want to acknowledge with a personalized gift that both the child and parents will cherish.

Very often, I will receive a inquiry for an order. A client will request a gift within a specific price range, or a theme. This will be followed with the question, “do you think this is a good choice?”

I’ve come up with a list of questions that I now ask customers.

Is there a theme to the baby’s room. Do they have a color scheme? Do you want this gift to grow with the child or just be “baby nursery” decor? Do you think this will go into a playroom?

My favorites are gifts that are not just baby room specific. While it’s always fun to buy something that will coordinate, keep in mind that the baby will outgrow their nursery quicker than the personalized bookends, or step stool. And, that step stool will most likely end up in a bathroom to give the child an extra step up to wash their hands and brush their teeth!!

Jewelry boxes and bookends are some of my favorite items. They are used for years, as are the step stools, wall mounted coat racks, and rockers. Toy boxes are perfect items that will help both the parents and child stay organized!

Hope this has helped you to make the perfect choice when you choose that next great gift. As always, keep in mind that if you don’t see what you want on any of our pages, give us a call. We can work together to find the perfect item or items to make your personalized gift perfect.